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    Three days in a Dutch monastery

    In the organising module there is a course called: Architectural Analysis. For that course we had to make a 3D composition of a project free of choice. Together with another student I chose to analyse the Saint Benedictusberg abbey in Vaals, The Netherlands. It seemed like a really nice idea to pay the monastery a visit. But I wanted something more. So we decided to stay for three days (two nights). That way, we had plenty of time to analyse the project to the core. And we felt like participating in their daily rythm. So we went to all the masses. Even the “Metten” at 05.00 AM. What a great…

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    IEW – Aarhus – Friday

    After a short night, the time had come to present our model to everyone. Today was presentation day. So everyone presented their innovative facade elements. We got some feedback as well. Which I really like. (So if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to contact me about it.) And as a final thing, we thanked the teachers, gave them a present and said good bye. It was a short school day. So we decided to head back home and make some pancakes at home with some friends. And to really finish the International Exchange Week, we had a drink with all the Belgian students and our teacher. We then returned…

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    IEW – Aarhus – Thursday

    Today was a very fun day. On this day we were going to make the prototype of our facade element. After arriving at school, I really wanted to further investigate my research on the Arduino for the moving element(s). One teacher saw me working on the Arduino and asked me why I didn’t use the Little Bits instead of the Arduino. So I tried it and it was so easy. Just some logical thinking and clicking things on each other and all of a sudden I had a working motor with a wireless remote. That was perfect to show how our prototype worked. So after that, I made some 3D-printed…

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    IEW – Aarhus – Wednesday

    Today the vague brainstorming process was finally done and we could think about precise measurements of the blinds and how it should operate. I figured that I wanted the whole system to work automatically, or at least with motors and a remote control. That is what I did. I thought about how to do it. I immediately went to the makerspace (with the consent of my group of course) to work with the Arduino systems. After a few failures I got a working motor!!! But I soon realised that there were only 3 motors and we had 4 panels. And that we needed 3D-pinted gears. One pair (2 gears) took…

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    IEW – Aarhus – Tuesday

    After our short brainstorm yesterday, we had to brainstorm a lot more. Go broader, we were told not to find a solution yet but only tackle the problem. Well, I definitely have to work on the brainstorming part. I was constantly trying to find solutions for the problems we defined way earlier. Eventually after a few sketches and designs we came up with a great design. We had the idea to make a system made out of panels with on one side a reflective material and on the other side some green plants, preferably moss. The panels could then be directed in such a way that the sunlight was directed…

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    IEW – Aarhus – Monday

    Today was the very first day at the VIA University College. And WOW! What a modern, spacious and nice school to be in. Throughout the whole building there were spots where you could sit down and work a bit. You can use small student meeting rooms to work on your projects together. They even had a makerspace (with five 3D-printers, a large lasercutter, arduino technologies, …). The food was great as well. This really is an example of how a perfect school should be build. In the beginning we had a presentation about what we were about to do during this International Exchange Week. Our task was to make blinds…

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    IEW – Aarhus – Sunday

    Today was our very first full day in Aarhus. After having slept really good and having breakfast we were al set for an exploration day. The first thing we did was walking to the so called “Isbjerget”. I expected it to be much bigger. But it was a nice project. Afterwards we went to the city centre to visit a food market and had lunch over there. When finished, we left to see some more of the city. The friend whom I drove all the way to Aarhus with slept at a friend’s house, since he had been there before. So we met them in the city centre and asked…

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    International Exchange Week – Aarhus – Saturday

    Together with a friend of mine we drove all the way from Belgium to Denmark. It really was a nice experience. We left at around 5.15 AM and arrived about 12 hours later in the apartment we rented via Airbnb. Right after arriving we went to the supermarket and afterwards went for a first drink in the city centre. And then early to bed after a quite long day.

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    Berlin trip – Day 4

    Today was a completely free day. A day we could fill with whatever we want. So after a good breakfast we left for a special graffiti art exhibition. It was in an old factory that was being demolished and the owner let a bunch of artists make whatever they felt like. It was incredible, everything was covered in paint. It was nice to sometimes see how the artists accuse the modern way of living. Very interesting visit. After this visit we left for the Pergamon Museum to have a look at the Classical Antiquities collection, Museum of the Ancient Near East and Museum of Islamic art. I was in particular…